T-Birds prepare for Regionals and Sub-State and hope for State success as well

The post-season festivities are up and running as the cross country and volleyball teams prepare for their Regional and Sub-State competitions this weekend.

The cross country team will travel to Meade where they will race against other 2A schools from all around the state. There will be a full boys’ team racing as well as a full girls’ team. Head coach Lynette Freeman has high hopes to take a team to State for the second year in a row.

“I anticipate that the boys’ team will be fighting it out for the second or third place at Regionals,” Freeman said. “Ellinwood will be the biggest competition for the boys, but they need to run hard to beat out the other teams as well.”

Last year, the varsity girls’ team barely pulled through at the Regional race, beating Meade by only one point. Freeman thinks the boys’ will run into the same situation this year with Ellinwood.

“I think it’s going to be very similar to last year,” Freeman said. “Ellinwood is the only team that I know of that has beaten Skyline at another meet, so I think they’ll be fighting for that second place more than the third place.”

As far as the volleyball team goes, head coach Summer Younie thinks there is a good chance of the team going to State in Emporia for the third year in a row.

“You always feel pressure to make it whether it’s your first year or third year,” Younie said.

The team has been making many lineup changes to ensure success at Sub-State. These changes brought them some good fortune as the team played hard at Norwich on Saturday and won first in League.

“We’re trying to find the right mix of girls and put them in the right spots so they will contribute the most and have the most confidence,” Younie said. “We want to eliminate the most weak rotations as possible.”

If all goes well, Skyline will be on it’s way to the state competitions on the weekend of Nov. 2. If they qualify, cross country will be heading to Wamego to run on the Country Club course. Volleyball would play in Emporia-White Auditorium on Nov. 1 to compete for their spot on the bracket for Nov. 2 if they win Sub-State at home on Saturday.

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