Cross Country team pushes through injuries

Several Skyline fall sports teams have been plagued with injuries recently.

The cross country team, in particular, has had several long term injuries that have lasted most of the season.

Sophomore Miranda Ghumm cracked a bone in her ankle halfway throughout the season while dancing during cheer practice, senior Abby Giles has been dealing with shin splints all season, and junior Jenessa Corbet strained her hamstring while running earlier in the season. Senior Brooke Fisher has also been dealing with a recurring hamstring injury, but has still been able to run. On the boys side of things, there have been several injuries, but everyone has still been running. Freshman Matthew Giles and sophomore Roman Ibarra have both been dealing with knee injuries. Ibarra’s injury was a result of football. Freshman Jared Shriver broke his hand, but it has not affected his running.

“It has affected the girls team the most because three of our top five runners aren’t running,” assistant cross country coach Holly Vanskike said. “Our girls team would be a lot more successful this year if the injured girls could run.”

Being injured not only affects how the team does, but the runners individually. Not only are they hurt physically, but it affects them emotionally as well.

“It just sucks,” Corbet said while fighting back tears. “When the girls won League I was so proud of them, but I wanted to be a part of helping them.”

If everything works out and heals correctly for the underclassmen that are hurt, they still have the chance to run again next year.

“I just like to think that there’s always next year and I can run then,” Corbet said. “I also just try to act happy around the people who aren’t injured.”

With having injured team members, injuries also personally affect other members of the team that are healthy.

“Maybe it inspires the rest of the runners to try harder for those of us that wish we were running,” Corbet said. “When Abby first got hurt, we would say that we were running for her.”

Even though it is hard for the injured athlete and the team, it is something that they have to deal with. Several runners have been going to physical therapy and taking the proper precautions so that they don’t injure themselves further. This includes not running.

“Being injured really makes you appreciate having the ability to run because you take for granted being able to, and when you can’t, it really makes you miss it,” Vanskike said from past experience of being injured herself.


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