Student actors prepare for school play

After successfully finding a director for the school play, preparations are well on their way.

Joyce Depenbusch is directing the play, and Beth Novotny is the assistant. They have worked together in many past productions. There are 17 speaking parts played by students in the play, not counting additional stage crew. “Annie Play will do” is the play that Depenbusch chose.

“Annie Play Will do is about two people that go through a breakup and then are forced to work together to direct a play, and it doesn’t really work out,” actor Briana Neifert said.

Most of the time, students have been rehearsing on Monday and Thursday nights, and occasionally during Wednesday seminars. Many also try to go over lines together outside of play practice.

The students that are involved during the play are working hard to go around their conflicting schedules, as JV football is on Mondays and Cross Country is on Thursdays. However, their busy schedules haven’t slowed them down, as the script is almost memorized.

“I haven’t had much trouble working the play into my schedule,” Neifert said. “I just sometimes don’t get supper until 8 p.m. It just sometimes makes for 12 to 13 hour days at school.”

The play is a little shorter than some years because they were scrambling to find a director at first, but everything is still going according to schedule.

“The whole play is pretty funny,” Neifert said. “My favorite is watching Blake and Taylor argue because they are hilarious.”

You can come watch them perform on Nov. 14 and 15 at 7 p.m.

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