Selfie named 2013 word of the year in dictionary

The Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2013 was selfie.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” high school English teacher Marla Stark said. “I’m just sitting in class watching kids taking selfies of themselves.”

Near the end of 2013, many new words were added to both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Oxford Online Dictionary.

“I feel like it (selfie) is overused, and I think it’s a slang word, but I think that it shouldn’t really be in the dictionary,” sophomore Jessica DeWeese said. “When I think of a dictionary, I think of words that everybody knows about because some of the older generations don’t know what selfie means.”

According to Oxford research, the usage of the word selfie has increased by 17,000% over the past year.

However, even though it made the online dictio

nary, another popular word, twerk, didn’t make the cut for the Oxford English Dictionary.

The two dictionaries are different in that the online version changes more often and the Oxford English Dictionary never removes words once they have been added.

“I think they’re (selfie, twerk) both just phases that after awhile no one will use anymore,” sophomore Lexi Maloney said.

Just so older people would know what it means, Stark thinks twerk should be added, along with some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.

Selfie is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” photo by a. giles

“You have to go back to examples like NASA,” Stark said to justify adding acronyms and abbreviations.

However, Maloney disagrees and thinks that they should not be added to the dictionary.

“I’m kind of tired of words being made up by combined words and stuff,” Maloney said. “We’re just trying to shorten what we’re saying and not getting the message through.”

In the past, the online dictionary has added texting language such as LOL and OMG.

Stark thinks that the use of texting language in writing shows the author is uneducated, lazy and disrespectful.

“Our society has changed a lot, and if that’s (selfie) going to be the word of the year, I’m not sure if I should claim this society,” DeWeese said.

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