‘True Blue’ receives All-Kansas award

The Kansas Scholastic Press Association recently announced the names of Kansas schools that received All-Kansas yearbook ratings for the 2013 yearbooks that were submitted for judging. The 46th edition of the Thunderbird, Skyline Schools yearbook, was among the books receiving the highest ranking of All-Kansas.

The book was judged for KSPA by Sheila Jones. She said the staff did a very good job of showcasing Skyline Schools in a positive way, and highlighted all of the elements that make the school what it is.

The staff members included former students Harley Weaver, Morgan Flowers, Billi Jo Rhone, Colten Ebert, Ashley Koirth, Tony Marquez, Patty Ibarra and Allison Sanders. Current students Colin Little, Taryn Lange, Alyssa Swonger and Kaitlyn Stark were also on the staff. Harley Weaver was the editor of the book and also the photo editor. The adviser for the group was Judy Hampel.

“Sometimes it’s the small design details that really distinguish a yearbook,” Jones said. “This book has numerous flourishes that set it above other books.”

The staff chose “True Blue” as the theme for the 2013 book. The black cover with Shine Fx applied to the type, lines and squares were chosen specifically by the staff to give the book the “True Blue” look.

“Design and photography are the two strengths of this yearbook, and both consistently support your theme and concept,” Jones said.

Four of the five areas of the book received the highest All-Kansas rating. Those areas included Concepts, Coverage, Design and Photography.

Students from the Photojournalism class submitted many of the photos for the book. Members of the photo class included Mycha Owens, Harley Weaver, Taryn Lange, Alyssa Swonger, Patty Ibarra, Alexa Hoss, Allison Sanders, Mariha Wrich, Brooke Fisher and Benaja Schlingensiepen.

The All-Kansas rating means that the quality of the yearbook was high enough to compete at any level. The staff demonstrated a solid understanding of the yearbook and its purpose. The staff goes above and beyond the typical to produce a book that sets the tone of the school year for readers and does so with a unique and appealing approach.

“I am very proud of the staff,” Hampel said. “They worked hard to produce a book that would be recognized by judges as an award winning book.”

The All-Kansas honor wasn’t the first major award that the 2013 book received. This past November it was submitted at the National High School Journalism Convention for judging in the Best of Show Award category for yearbooks 224 or fewer pages. It received tenth place nationally.

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