Snow delays Regional Scholars’ Bowl

After Regional Scholars’ Bowl was rescheduled, the varsity team finally made it up to Pittsburg, Kan. and were ready to compete on Monday.

It was originally supposed to be on Feb. 6, but was moved to Monday due to weather.

The team left Skyline at 6 Sunday night, and arrived in Pittsburg around 11 p.m. Seniors Brooke Fisher and Ascha Lee, juniors Austin Gilpin, Blake Lee and Landon Lee, and sophomore Colin Kumberg attended the event. Continue reading

10 reasons to love today

Valentine’s day is upon us.

I’m one of those people that gets really excited over Valentine’s day. I’m a hopeless romantic. The combination of cheesy hearts, cards, stuffed animals and bad chocolate just make for a perfect holiday in my mind.

It’s not all about the merchandise though, there are a lot of reasons everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day. Single people look at this as a day to feel sorry for themselves, and that’s just not necessary. Anyone can celebrate.

Nobody cares if you’re sad, so you might as well be happy. Look at it as a day to give cheesy gifts to your friends and pig out on Russell Stover’s. It’s not all about relationships. Back in the day when I was single, you can bet I loved this day just as much as I do now. Here are 10 reasons why you should do the same.

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Little girls perform at homecoming

The Skyline cheerleaders taught the younger girls basic moves for cheer last week at the annual Cheer Clinic.

“You get to have more bonding time with the little kids and show them your leadership,” junior cheerleader Tiffany Timm said.

There were 45 girls that participated in Cheer Clinic. The little girls performed everything that the cheerleaders taught them during homecoming. They learned a cheer, sideline and a dance. The cheerleaders also taught them some jumps and different cheer motions.

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KSHSAA approves policy on transgender students

The Kansas State High School Activities Association Executive Board approved a new policy to help schools deal with transgendered students wanting to participate in KSHSAA sponsored activities.

The new policy would allow transgendered students to participate on the opposite genders team, if they can prove to their school that they are truly transgendered. KSHSAA defines transgendered as “a person whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex assigned to him or her at birth.” KSHSAA has set up a procedure that the school and students are recommended to follow for identifying the student as transgendered. However, there is still confusion about the new rule. Continue reading


Starting out as a little fifth grader on the court, junior Dustin Weber’s love for basketball began to get stronger.

Besides playing a guard for the Thunderbirds basketball team, he plays running back on the T-Birds football team, and runs and jumps on the track and field team. He also went to weights this summer because he was a captain for the football team. Continue reading

Get a room

Valentine’s Day is here again.

The day where guys spend tons of money buying cheesy gifts. The day single girls sit at home on the couch watching Nicholas Sparks movies, crying over a tub of ice cream. The day that a bunch of dumb commercials try to get guys to buy their overpriced junk. Can’t we just get rid of this holiday? Continue reading