Put it away people: smart phone smarts

It’s common for this generation to abuse the use of electronics, taking it too far in many cases.
Technology has improved as the years have passed, starting with bag phones in 1973, to the touch screen smart phones common today. These inventions have become worldwide and addicting to use.
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Musicians gain helpful insight from experience at League Music

On Tuesday, band and choir members left the school at 7 a.m. and headed for League Music Festival at South Barber.

“It was a great experience to go and perform for judges to see what other people hear, and see what improvements still need to be made,” choir director Steven Novotny said.

The band received three I ratings, and the choir got two I- ratings and one II-. The best rating that a group can receive is a I. Continue reading

T-Birds catch Prom fever

Long gone are the days of simply asking someone to Prom in the hallway before class.

Lots of students are asking their date to Prom in a cute way. Whether it is stuffing their locker with ping pong balls, chalking their car or giving them flowers, “promposing” is a big deal. You have to admit it is adorable to watch, whether you are a fan of promposals or not. Continue reading

Band heads to Florida

In 2011, as he accompanied Pratt on their band trip to Walt Disney World,  band director Bob Lee never imagined that he would one day bring his own band back to Florida.

“I didn’t see this opportunity coming along,” Lee said.

However, three years later, it has come. The Skyline High School Band will be boarding the bus and heading for Orlando, Fla., early Wednesday morning. After a 28 hour bus ride, they are scheduled to arrive in Orlando at approximately 12 p.m. on Thursday.
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Amber Alerts, smart phones and you

Six hundred and seventy-nine. That’s how many lives have been saved by the broadcast emergency response for America’s missing children, or more familiarly, the Amber Alert.

The Amber Alert got its name from the kidnapping of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman in Texas in 1996. Four days after her abduction, she was found murdered. The killer was never found, and the case remains unsolved. If the public had been more informed of the situation at hand, maybe justice would have been served long ago.

The tragedy stunned Amber’s small community, and they promptly created an emergency broadcast system that was eventually adopted nationwide under Amber’s name.

By 2005, all states had an Amber Alert system that broadcasted alerts on all radio and television stations. Alerts are also displayed via electronic billboards, email and text messages. Today, smart phones allow for the quickest public notification. Continue reading