Musicians gain helpful insight from experience at League Music

On Tuesday, band and choir members left the school at 7 a.m. and headed for League Music Festival at South Barber.

“It was a great experience to go and perform for judges to see what other people hear, and see what improvements still need to be made,” choir director Steven Novotny said.

The band received three I ratings, and the choir got two I- ratings and one II-. The best rating that a group can receive is a I.

For many, League Music Festival is a chance to perform in front of people so that they can practice for Regional Music Festival, which is on March 29.

“The judges’ opinions help you know what you need to change for Regionals,” freshman choir member Montana Kocher said. “Now I just need to practice.

Senior Taylor Tobin and junior Austin
Gilpin play at League Music Festival in their saxophone quartet. Their song’s name was “Relax.” After practicing for about three weeks, the group received a I- rating for their performance. Also making up the quartet were junior Jenessa Corbet and sophomore Hayley Mendoza. Tobin, Corbet and Mendoza also participated in the sax quartet last year.
photo by l. cason

According to students and teachers, time spent practicing ends up paying off.

“It’s a lot of time and energy to get prepared for, but the festival is the exciting part to go and listen to see how students perform,” Novotny said.

The day went smoothly except for the schedule falling behind.

“I think that we would have done better if the schedule wasn’t all messed up because it caused people to be more stressed,” freshman choir member Ashley Niblett said. “However, I learned from it and it was fun.”

Other than the schedule, it was a day filled with music and a chance for band and choir students to show off their hard work.

“I think that everyone performed to the best of their abilities,” Novotny said.

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