Put it away people: smart phone smarts

It’s common for this generation to abuse the use of electronics, taking it too far in many cases.
Technology has improved as the years have passed, starting with bag phones in 1973, to the touch screen smart phones common today. These inventions have become worldwide and addicting to use.

“I love them because you can get on Instagram and everything, but don’t use them when someone is talking to you,” sophomore Bailey DeClue said.

Cell phones have become a very big part of peoples’ everyday lives, making it possible to surf the web, check the weather and emails, communicate with others and play games. It has become a very handy and exciting thing to have, but some may use it just a lot more than needed. There is a time and place for cell phone use. Many people have problems putting their phone down and joining the conversation.

“When you’re using it when you’re on a date, it’s really not a date,” junior Ailin Moreno said.
Leaving phones in the car before walking into someone’s house can decrease the chances of wanting to pick up the phone. Another solution could be to put phones on the table and just hang out. Even better, leave the phone at home when about to go out to the movies, park, restaurant or mall.

“Cell phones are a part of our generation and are going to continue to be a part of our future, but I think that we all need to realize when and where the right time to use them is,” senior Sammy Hoeck said.
Hearing someone talking on the phone in public places, about how they need to sign the divorce papers so they can claim their things and move on, can be a little annoying for some.

“If people don’t want other people to judge them about their personal life, then don’t talk about it in public,” junior Gunner DeClue said.

With good manners and common sense, leaving the cell phone out of the picture won’t hurt.

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