Leather skin becomes common sight

There is a measure working its way through the Kansas state legislature that would ban anyone under 18 from using a tanning bed.

They should pass it to protect minors from irreversibly damaging their bodies. Around 2.3 million teenagers visited a tanning salon last year. Somehow, despite all the warnings issued about using tanning beds, teens are continuing to use these cancer causing coffins.

Senior Taryn Lange agreed teens should not tan.

“It is worse than being in the sun and you have a greater chance of skin cancer,” Lange said.

Indoor tanning could be called an epidemic, with 32% of young white females reporting using a tanning bed. This is an extremely dangerous behavior that should stop immediately.

Your chances of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, increase by 75% if you tan indoors before the age of 30. Melanoma is caused almost exclusively by UVA and UVB rays, which are produced by the sun and indoor tanning beds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated tanning beds are one of the causes of skin cancer. The CDC has launched a campaign against indoor tanning known as The Burning Truth.The campaign has been moderately successful, reducing tanning by about 15% among teenagers.

Many teens tan to help their skin look better, or to get a healthy glow. The only problem with that is there is nothing healthy about getting a tan. A tan itself is a sign your skin is damaged. Tanning indoors speeds up the process known as photoaging, which is aging due to ultraviolet rays. Symptoms of photoaging include wrinkles, dark spots and leathery skin. In the long run, tanning isn’t going to make your skin look better, it will make it look worse.

“I don’t believe the shade of your skin matters for appearances,” junior Layton Kenworthy said.

There are several steps we could take to encourage people to quit tanning. The state should pass the bill and ban minors from tanning. To discourage everyone else from tanning, the CDC and FDA should continue to inform people how bad tanning is for your body. If people are informed about the damage they are doing to themselves, most people are smart enough to quit.

Tanning is a dangerous practice that can cause cancer, premature aging, and damage to your eyes. Our state government should do what it can to stop teens from tanning, and the federal government should continue discouraging anyone from tanning.

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