Cheer squad gains yell leader as DeClue signs on

Cheerleading tryouts were held on Wednesday, April 16. Everyone that tried out for the squad made it on, making for a total of seven future cheerleaders. One of them is junior Gunner DeClue. He will be the first yell leader to cheer for the Thunderbirds since Jayten Strunk cheered in the 2008-2009 school year.

“I was surprised and happy that I made it, because it would make Mrs. Lee happy since she wanted some guys to do it,” DeClue said. “Plus it would be a lot more fun if there were guys on the squad.”

Cheer coach Kim Lee said that she thinks it will be a fun year and having a guy on the squad will stretch them to learn new things.
This will be DeClue’s first year to cheer at Skyline. He said that he is most excited about getting to stunt.

“Gunner brings a lot of strength to the team and is not scared,” Lee said. “I think he will push us to try more challenging things.”
Having DeClue on the squad will open up new doors for the cheerleaders to do more advanced stunts. It will also allow them to try new things.

“My parents were happy that I made it because they thought I could get a scholarship from it,” DeClue said.

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