Long awaited summer finally arrives

The school year is nearing its end and summer is about to kick off. Summer will officially begin on June 20, but students consider it to start as soon as they exit the school for summer break.

It will be a time of making memories, having fun, laughing, and no school. As students get older, there is more to do and experience.

Many students take on more responsibility during the summer in the absence of school. A job is a great way to keep yourself busy, while also earning some spending money. Making a little cash flow is not so bad when itching to go do something.

“I have one job offer to work at a farm,” freshman Garrett Bell said.

If that does not work out, Bell will work at the airport.

Summer is dedicated to long nights spent out with friends, getting to stay out one hour longer than last year, campfires out by the lake, and maybe a summer romance.

“I always remember just driving around listening to music,” sophomore Hayley Mendoza said. “Because that’s what you do in Pratt for fun.”

Summer is a good way to end one school year and start the next, moving on to the next chapter of life while also figuring out who the person within is. People come and go but some memories stick with us for a long time.

“This summer I definitely want to spend mostly with friends since I’m moving to Salina,” Mendoza said.

Sophomore Tracy Stimatze said she is ready to be a junior next year because it is one year closer to graduating.

Remember to live it up because high school only happens once.

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