Coach improves off season players; looks forward to winning seasons

There are several teachers that are new to the high school staff.

Kenny Eddy is one of the many new teachers. Eddy teaches middle school and high school social studies, and also coaches.

Coach Kenny EddyEddy is an assistant coach in middle school football and high school boys’ basketball.

Eddy played basketball in high school and in college. He has previous coaching experience at Osage City, where he coached middle school basketball while student teaching.

Eddy works with a group of guys after school to help train them for the upcoming basketball season. He also coaches a few high school basketball girls on Wednesday mornings.

“I think we will have a really good year,” Eddy said. “I think we have progressed a lot since summer basketball.”

Last season the boys finished with a 3-18 record. Eddy started coaching the boys this summer during recreational basketball.

The boys saw greater success during summer ball than they did last season. They enjoyed his ways of coaching and charisma.

“He makes us work harder to gain skills valuable for basketball,” sophomore Matthew Giles said.

Eddy’s basketball boys train in the weight room after school is dismissed. They do exercises to make them better athletes on the court and to condition them for long and tiring game.

The athletes Eddy helps are very fond of him outside the weight room as well. They cooperate well with him and enjoy spending time with him.

“He’s very humorous, he’s young and he can relate with high school kids,” Giles said.

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