Black Friday potential health hazard

Black Friday is known for the sales and shopping for Christmas, but in larger cities the shopping can easily turn into a crazy shopping spree.

People who are willing to do anything to get to the discounted plasma screen TVs won’t bother to stop if you are in their way.

Sophomore Jarod DeWeese thinks Black Friday is ironic because people go from giving thanks to taking every deal they can for themselves.

The ridiculous amount of people who are injured on Black Friday totals to 90 unfortunate people looking for a good deal. Even more unbelievable, since 2006 seven deaths have been recorded due to Black Friday shopping. The causes of the deaths are everything ranging from car wrecks to being trampled by hundreds of inconsiderate people.

Online shopping is a safer way of getting deals without the wait in lines and hassle of getting what you need for the holidays.

If you are one of the thousands going out for Black Friday, just know that getting what you want is not more important than being safe.

Unless risking your life is worth the cheap TV, shopping on Black Friday should be postponed for Cyber Monday when computers and devices are discounted. There has been no known injuries or deaths directly related to Cyber Monday.

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