Friday morning madness

One of the busiest shopping days of the year is the day after Thanksgiving.

For most stores it starts Thursday night and extends through Cyber Monday.

Walmart breaks their Black Friday up into three different events, so it is not so crazy.

“I go to Walmart and Kohl’s,” teacher Pat Brant said. “I am going for a television and anything electronic for my grandkids.”

Brant said it is great entertainment to go and see people go crazy over things, even if she does not buy anything.

Some students think that it is dangerous and people should just stay home, on the other hand, some feel like it’s smart to brave the crowds.

“I think people get amazing deals and they get to hurdle people,” senior Khaleb Cason.

Most stores also participate in Cyber Monday, which is basically Black Friday, but stores post sales online instead.

For all the students about to graduate this is a great time to get all the items you will need for college, like pots and pans, pillows, towels, bedding and lots more at a great and reasonable price. It is also a great time to stock up on movies, as they are less than $10 at Walmart.

Kim Lee said the After Prom committee has done a lot of online shopping for After Prom.

“It is better for the school’s budget if we spread it out,” Lee said.

Jenny Hacker, Dee Weber and some other parents are going Black Friday shopping for After Prom prizes. They are going for the electronics, since those are the best deals.

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