Girls get new uniforms

To start off the basketball season, for the first time in seven years, the girls will be wearing new uniforms.

“I felt like our older uniforms were getting in pretty bad shape, the numbers were hard to read, and the fabric and stitching were becoming unstable,” basketball coach Charles Young said.

Many other schools have recently also purchased new uniforms since companies have came out with the new and improved material. Over the summer, basketball coach Chuck Young decided that it was time for the girls to receive new uniforms too.

“I think we have more than one reason to get them,” junior basketball player Betsy Giles said. “The previous uniforms didn’t fit the best and the high school girls have been using the jerseys for quite a while.”

Besides the material being lighter, there were also some other pros that came along with the new uniforms. A few weeks ago Young called the girls who were going out for basketball into his room. The girls then got to try on uniform samples and chose their size and the number they wanted.

“I’m excited to wear the uniforms because they are a big change from the middle school uniforms,” freshman Hallee Burgardt said.

After the team decided on a uniform design, the uniforms were ordered. When the uniforms arrived at the school, Young kept them locked away until yesterday so that none of the girls on the team could see them.


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