Kansas teams get ready for season

The Shockers are currently No. 11 in the nation and have opened with a 2-0 start. Stakes are high as many are skeptical of the true talent of WSU.

“I think they’ll have a couple problems in the paint but they will overcome them and score a lot of points,” senior Joaquin Corona said.

Wichita State has received two players from junior college transfers and five players from high school. The Shockers have departed six players since last season, including Nick Wiggins and standout Cleanthony Earley.
Last year the Shockers finished with an overall record of 35-1. This was the greatest season in their 108 year basketball history.

After defeating Missouri State on March 1, 2014, Wichita State became the first Division I team ever to finish the regular season 31–0, the first team to finish 18–0 in conference play in the Missouri Valley Conference since the 1985-86 Bradley Braves, as well as the first to finish the regular season undefeated since Saint Joseph’s in 2003-04.

They spent most of the season in the top 10 of both major polls, rising as high as No. 2 in late February. They continued their run by winning their first MVC tournament title since 1987, and were ranked second in both final major media polls. The Shockers finished No. 2 in most major polls, the highest final national ranking in school history.

“I plan on them making it to the Final Four,” Industrial Technology teacher Sebastian Huelskamp said.

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