School Spirit

After an exciting week for all of the fall sports teams, the Pep Club decided to take their school spirit a little bit further.

On the week of Sub-State Volleyball, the Pep Club decorated the high school hallway with balloons and streamers coming down from the ceilings. The following week, they made posters for all of the teams.

“We decided to hang posters in the halls to build school spirit,” Pep Club sponsor Meagan Householter said. “We were at the school decorating for two and a half hours.”

The sponsors hoped to get the students excited about what was happening at Skyline.

“I feel like Skyline has room for improvement,” Householter said. “Anything we can do to boost and generate excitement is good.”

Skyline doesn’t have many people willing to step up and lead the pep section. Senior Blake Lee tries to take the lead for the crowd.

“I enjoy showing school spirit and I feel if I don’t take the lead, nobody will,” Lee said.

Pep Club members hope the basketball pep section will be better than the volleyball pep section

“School spirit is important to show your classmates and school that you support them no matter if you are on the team or not,” Householter said. 

“Being an active participant in things going on instead of just being a spectator (is important).”

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