Both teams place third in tournament

Last week Skyline played in the annual T-Bird Classic basketball tournament.

Skyline hosted three teams in the tournament including teams in the tournament including Medicine Lodge, Pretty Prairie and Stafford. As in year’s past, a 3-point and free throw competition were held. Sophomore Kamryn Stark placed second in the 3-point competition and junior Payje Orler got first place in the free throw competition. Sophomore Jared Shriver placed second in the 3-point competition for the boys while senior Tristen Hogan placed fourth in free throws. Continue reading

New game takes over high school

The new game that has become popular at Skyline is called Madden Mobile and it is available for Apple or Android devices.

Since the high school football season is now complete, former players have turned to this virtual game to stay occupied in the off-season.

“Some students in second block, Justin Hampel, Andrew Withers, were some guys that told me about it,” athletic director Andrew Nation said. Continue reading

Making the holidays memorable

Christmas is a holiday to build lifelong memories with both your family and friends.

As people grow older, the way they see Christmas changes. You don’t see it as a tree filled with presents under it anymore. You probably start thinking of it as an opportunity to see family come home, old friends returning from college, and other people you may not get to see that often. Continue reading

Forget about the presents

Christmas time is definitely here. Nativity scenes are set up, Lemon Park is lit up with lights, and Christmas music is playing every other song on the radio.

In the craziness of this time of year, we may start to forget what the reason for Christmas really is. More than 70% of Skyline students identify Christmas as a religious holiday, while less than 30% of students think it is more of a cultural holiday. However, even for the nonreligious students, Christmas should mean more than opening presents. Continue reading