Both teams place third in tournament

Last week Skyline played in the annual T-Bird Classic basketball tournament.

Skyline hosted three teams in the tournament including teams in the tournament including Medicine Lodge, Pretty Prairie and Stafford. As in year’s past, a 3-point and free throw competition were held. Sophomore Kamryn Stark placed second in the 3-point competition and junior Payje Orler got first place in the free throw competition. Sophomore Jared Shriver placed second in the 3-point competition for the boys while senior Tristen Hogan placed fourth in free throws.

“I would say it was pretty challenging,” sophomore Madalyn Owens said. “It was fun to go out there with my team and give it all we got. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m really proud of my teammates. They all worked hard.”
Each school’s boys’ and girls’ team finished with the same placing. The Medicine Lodge Indians finished in first place, the Pretty Prairie Bulldogs finished in second place, the Skyline Thunderbirds finished in third place, and the Stafford Trojans rounded out in fourth place.

On the first night of the tournament the Skyline teams played Stafford. The Lady T-Birds easily defeated Stafford. The boys beat them in a narrow victory, after a halftime comeback. Junior Brady McComb led the Thunderbirds with 29 points in the victory, McComb won MVP of the tournament with a total of 62 points in three games.

“I felt it went pretty well but we could have played much better,” freshman Logan Reece said.

Both Skyline teams were defeated Friday night against Medicine Lodge, who went on to take first place. Junior Bryce McKennon was taken out of the game in the third quarter due to a mild concussion, and was not able to play against Pretty Prairie the following day. Pretty Prairie took advantage of the absence of McKennon with their size. The Lady T-Birds also saw a starter go down during the tournament. Junior Payje Orler received a concussion and a jaw injury on Saturday. Both Orler and McKennon cannot play for the rest of the semester.

Both teams fell to the Bulldogs on Saturday, who finished the tournament in second place.


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