College switches to playoff format

Prior to the season, college football created a new way to crown a national champion, the College Football Playoff. The playoff replaces the commonly criticized Bowl Championship Series.

The playoff consists of four teams playing a semifinal game on New Year’s Day and the winners meet in the National Championship. The BCS system just had the number one and number two teams face each other in one game to be crowned the national champion. The CFP has the number one team play the number four team, and the number two team plays the number three team. The CFP succeeds the BCS, which was in place for 15 years.

“I like the playoff better because the undefeated teams that finish with a lower ranking will have a chance to play for the national title,” sophomore Trent Adams said.

The inaugural playoff consists of Alabama, Oregon, the defending champions Florida State, and Ohio State. Alabama and Ohio State will play each other in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. Oregon and Florida State will face off in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Both games will be played on New Year’s Day.

“I feel like the top three teams are correct but I think they gave a big name school (in Ohio State) a spot after they played one good game,” senior Blake Lee said. “They have the worst loss and TCU has one loss to another team in the conversation and they also came to play every week, unlike Ohio State.”

A lot of people have had mixed reactions about the final spot and some people have different opinions about the third spot as well.
“I don’t like that Florida State has beaten nobody teams and Baylor and TCU have beaten better teams,” Adams said.
The National Championship will be played in Arlington, Texas on Jan. 12.

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