New game takes over high school

The new game that has become popular at Skyline is called Madden Mobile and it is available for Apple or Android devices.

Since the high school football season is now complete, former players have turned to this virtual game to stay occupied in the off-season.

“Some students in second block, Justin Hampel, Andrew Withers, were some guys that told me about it,” athletic director Andrew Nation said.

Originally made on consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 4, the popular game has been made for mobile devices and tablets. It is popular because of the personalization of creating your own NFL football team.

“A lot of other kids had it so I thought I would try it,” sophomore Brayton Fletcher said.

He said that buying and selling players is his favorite part of the game.

Earning player packs is one of the ways to improve the team to win football games against the computer or head-to-head matches against other players.

Another popular aspect of Madden is the ability to make or join leagues. It allows friends to play against each other and compete for the top rank of the league.

The movement of players is handled by an analog stick on the screen allowing you to move the players in any direction. On the other side of the display is an action button that changes depending on the situation.

Before each play, tapping on the screen snaps the ball. Spins, jukes and hurdle actions are used by pressing the action button when controlling the ball carrier during the play.

When on defense, players attempt to block passes, sack the quarterback or hold them behind the line of scrimmage until the fourth down to prevent the opponent from scoring.

Overall, Madden Mobile creates a gameplay experience that no other sports game has matched on a mobile platform.

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