Class of 2015: Preparing for College

When senior year comes around there are many important decisions students have to make.

“Students have many options after high school,” guidance counselor Julie Ewing said. “Many will go to a college or technical school, join the military, or go directly into a job.”

Especially for students heading to college after graduation, the process can be daunting with all the decisions that have to be made, applications to be filed, and deadlines to be met.

“You should start applying your senior year and look at registration dates for individual colleges,” Ewing said.

Once you have applied to all the schools you are interested in, it is time to see which school best fits your wants and needs.

“When deciding on a school, you should think about what you want from your college experience and do your research to learn all you can about prospective schools,” Ewing said. “You should look at the type and size of the school, the location, the academic programs, activities and financial aid.”

The best way to figure out what school is the best fit for you is to go on a visit. Many schools have days designed specifically for juniors, seniors and admitted students. Ewing said that a campus visit is the best way to learn the most about a potential school.

“It’s important to get a true feel for the campus vibe to see if the college is a good fit for you,” Ewing said.

After you decide where you are going to school, there are several important deadlines you will need to remember. Ewing pointed specifically to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which needs to be submitted by March, and scholarships which all have their own deadlines.

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