New Year’s resolutions fail too often

It is now a new year and just like every year, an American tradition called New Year’s resolutions are used for self-improvement.

Some commitments are a bad idea to make in the New Year. It is the middle of an academic term and the beginning of exams, so it is far too late to revise. If relying on the idea of a fresh start in order to get things done is necessary, nothing but willpower will keep it going.

“If you are going to say you’re going to do something, do it,” freshman Corbin Keeling said.

Keeling believes that there is no point in New Year’s resolutions if you don’t stick with it. Copying what other people are doing isn’t sincere.

Afterwards, people never get around to doing anything because all the motivation disappears once the initial rush is over.

Many set year-long goals to go to the gym or forfeit certain habits that are not the best things for personal health. Not all people who set their resolutions stick to them the whole year. Some people do not understand the reasoning to making resolutions in the first place.

“It’s a great concept but a lot of people do not follow through,” junior Keigan Riggs said. “They make New Year’s resolutions blown out of proportion.”

New Year’s Resolutions are seen as something people will quickly give up on. Failure is almost always expected.

History teacher Summer Younie does not make resolutions herself, but does see some value in them.

“If you can stick to if for a little while, it’s better than nothing,” Younie said.

Making New Year’s resolutions can improve the quality of life if the person stays committed to do it.


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