Senior boy involved in TSA

A senior boy is one of five regional TSA representatives across the state of Kansas.

TSA stands for Technology Student Association. It is a club that helps students step up and be a leader in their community and also as an individual.

Senior Gunner DeClue meets with other schools around the state of Kansas and helps with various leadership conferences that work with people to make them better leaders.

“While at the conferences, students compete in teams and as an individual,” Industrial Technology teacher Sebastian Huelskamp said. “The kids have to go to two business meets per year and then have award ceremonies on the last day.”

The kids have a wide variety of events that they compete in at the state and national conferences. They range from building a cardboard box boat to anything else that is related to drafting.

DeClue filled out an application and then students across Kansas voted for him to serve in TSA.

“I will be a regional representative until I graduate,” DeClue said.

In past years, Skyline has not had a regional representative. DeClue wanted to do it because he wanted to be a better leader and person and saw it as a good opportunity.

“Gunner has been planning for the state conference,” Huelskamp said. “Gunner went to the state capitol and participated with all of the state officers.”

While DeClue was in Topeka at the state capitol he helped come up with ideas for the state conference that will be held on April 2.

Roughly 200,000 middle and high school students and over 2,500 advisors are involved in TSA across the United States.

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