Students should not have to pay

There are many things that can be done to improve any school, but one easy thing that would help anyone is letting students into school sponsored activities for free.

One persistent problem Skyline has had is lack of student involvement, and the school still charging students is not helping the situation. The easiest solution is to let students use their school issued I.D. cards to get into school sponsored events free of charge.

Students can use their student I.D’s to get a variety of things already. Students can go to PCC basketball games for free, and attend some outside events for free or at discounted rates, but the ones that matter the most, the ones happening at Skyline, students still have to pay to get in. Even at big colleges like Wichita State students don’t have to pay to attend home basketball games, and those tickets are very expensive. Why are we still paying for high school games?

One might argue that because it’s only $4 to get into a game, it really isn’t a deterrent. But, those few dollars really do add up. If a student was to attend just home football and basketball games, it would cost $56. That doesn’t include volleyball games, plays or other events throughout the year.
Students shouldn’t have to pay to support each other.

The administration has been good about encouraging students to be involved and support one another, but making these events free is the next important step to getting kids involved.

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