Senioritis takes grip on Skyline

Some seniors have started showing signs of a very common disease.

Showing up sometime senior year, especially after Christmas, and worsening after spring break, senioritis is a very real problem. Urban Dictionary says that the symptoms include not doing homework, not studying, missing school and laziness. Usually parents, teachers and classmates notice the problems first. Continue reading

T-Birds of Yesteryear

The Pep Club committee voted and selected the Winter Homecoming theme “T-Birds of Yesteryear.” Each class chose a separate theme for their floats that had been used by previous students. The freshmen chose “Danger Zone,” sophomores chose “Livin’ on a Prayer,” juniors chose “Paradise City” and seniors chose “Thunderstruck.” Continue reading

Funding challenges state

Education funding has been a hot topic of discussion at schools across the state, as well as in Topeka.

On Feb. 5, Governor Sam Brownback announced a General State Aid reduction of 1.5 percent. That cut is going to save the state $28 million. Like all other schools, Skyline’s budget isn’t going to be as big as was expected at the beginning of the year. Continue reading