Cheer clinic girls dance in assembly

The cheer squad held its annual cheer clinic fundraiser for grade school children.

On Jan. 31, the squad began gathering with kindergarten through sixth grade children. They danced for the homecoming assembly and halftime of the boys’  basketball game.

The clinic brought school spirit to the lower grades and gave them the opportunity to be a cheerleader for the first time.

“It is really difficult having them stand still to learn the cheers,” sophomore cheerleader Madalyn Owens said.

Though it is difficult at times, teaching the dances for the children can be a fun  learning experience.

“I think they like to get to work with the high school kids,” Lee said. “It helps build school spirit.”

One of the cheerleaders, senior Katherine Ghumm, liked the cheer clinic because of the time she spent with younger students and the chance it gave her to be a good role model.

“It helps them interact with each other more and it helps them break out of their social shell,” Ghumm said.

The funds gained from the cheer clinic were put into a general fund to help new cheerleaders buy uniforms and pay for summer cheer camp.

“I hope it translates to larger high school squads in the future,” Lee said.

The young girls enjoyed the opportunity to be around and dance with the high schoolers leading the clinic.

“I like being around my friends,” first grader Peyton Harts said.

This was Harts second year attending.

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