Enough with PDA in school

Public Display of Affection is spreading throughout the school. Yes, we get that some students really like each other, but that doesn’t mean they should hang all over each other and annoy everyone.

It is becoming really bad and the teachers and administration do not enforce the rule like they should.

In the school handbook PDA is defined as “kissing, petting, and any physical contact that is offensive when conducted in public.”

I think that a hug is okay, but anything more than that isn’t. We are a K-12 school and we are the oldest here, which means little kids look up to us and they do not need to see PDA and think it is okay, because it is not.

“PDA shouldn’t be done in school,” junior Payje Orler said. “It’s not for other people’s eyes to see. Do it on your own time.”

Orler is not the only student that is annoyed with other students showing PDA.

“I don’t think that it has a place at school,” junior Lexie Maloney said. “It is distracting and gross to look at.”

Sophomore Emily Estes agrees.

“It is annoying and uncomfortable,” Estes said.

Some of the couples do not think that it is a big deal and it doesn’t bother them.

“If you don’t like it, then walk away,” junior Rion Westhoff said.

Students should be able to walk to class and not see all the couples hanging or smooching on each other. No one likes it.

So all you loving couples, please don’t stand in front of other peoples lockers and flirt. That is rude. People just want to get to where they need to go, without being sidetracked by your love.

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