Gaining freedom through hard work

A big part of high school is gaining more responsibility along with more freedom. Many students express that new found freedom and responsibility by getting a job. Many teenagers in Kansas work on farms during the summer.

In a school survey, roughly three-fifths of students have a job and usually keep that job throughout the year. Having a job means having a flow of income that is not their parents money. Earning money can give feelings of pride and accomplishment about the hard work that it took.

“I don’t like to ask my parents for money,” junior Rion Westhoff said. “Since I’ve gotten a job, I don’t have to ask them anymore.”

Usually when teenagers get their first job they save up for whatever they’ve always wanted to buy or they can also have more freedom to go places that cost money. When teenagers have jobs and are earning money, they have more authority over what they want to buy for themselves. In the survey, it was split between the amount of students that have a part-time job and those that have a full-time job. Most students either worked on farms or in restaurants and stores.

Some students have a work-release in the afternoon, which allows them to sign out of school and go to work. It is usually for students that have all their required credits done or almost done.

“I love leaving school at lunch,” senior Joaquin Corona said. “I get to go make a ton of money while the other students are stuck at school until 4 o’clock.”

Having a job is a major responsibility and can be hard work sometimes. High school is the time when most people join the workforce and start to figure out what type of career suits them best.

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