Senioritis takes grip on Skyline

Some seniors have started showing signs of a very common disease.

Showing up sometime senior year, especially after Christmas, and worsening after spring break, senioritis is a very real problem. Urban Dictionary says that the symptoms include not doing homework, not studying, missing school and laziness. Usually parents, teachers and classmates notice the problems first.

The only cure for Senioritis is graduation, but it is important to not let the disease get the best of your senior year. The consequences of slacking off really can do a lot of damage to your future, so it is best to keep trying, and let your goals keep you motivated even though graduation is just a few short months away.

There are several reasons to keep trying and to not get too careless senior year. The obvious one is grades. The grades you get can make or break college admission and scholarship decisions.

One other thing to keep going is the fact that there is a lot to look forward to senior year. Some of those things include your final year of sports, the last two homecomings and Prom. There are many things you are going to do for the last time senior year, and not mentally checking out of school will make these activities much more enjoyable and memorable.

The temptation to start slacking, sleeping and not doing homework is strong, but it is very important to not let senioritis take over senior year. There is way too much at stake and a lot of things to appreciate. Just know that graduation is just around the corner, and after that, the effort you’ve been putting into high school for four years will finally pay off.

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