Students get head start on college

Some Skyline students found a way to get a head start on their college education while still in high school.
Students have found different ways of doing this. They can take online classes here at the school, go to PCC’s campus and take classes, or take dual credit classes.

“I decided to take dual credit classes to help prepare myself for college next year,” senior Khaleb Cason said. “I figured the more classes I took here at Skyline the easier the transition into college next year at PCC would be.”

Students that choose to take college classes while still in high school have to work on their time management skills.

“I like going to PCC for classes because I feel like it’ll be a jump start to when I actually go to college next year,” senior Alyssa Swonger said.

Online classes are convenient because students can complete them while at school. On-campus classes, students have to leave school or go after school to complete them.

“Going into college ahead is always a good idea, however it takes dedication and drive which is hard when you’re involved in all the activities of high school,” Sawyer Virtual Academy supervisor Meagan Householter said.

Another option is to take dual credit classes. A dual credit class is a class where students earn both a high school and college credit for the course.

The benefits to taking dual credit courses are students can save money by taking the class for free and not having to take the class again later on in college.

Some dual credit classes students can take here are Composition I, Composition 2, Accounting, Computer Applications, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Statistics and American Government.

Taking college classes in high school helps students get a head start in moving forward in their education. The classes can help motivate students to keep moving on to a dream career.

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