It was a great day for the Skyline journalism students as they traveled to New York City.

Twenty-three of us made our way to The Big Apple, via flights from Wichita and Chicago. For six of the kids, it was their first time to fly. Though the flight was a little rough landing, we made it to LaGuardia on time and with all the luggage.

Another first for many of the kids was riding the subway system. We rode to see St. John the Divine Cathedral, but we couldn’t enter after 6 p.m., so we crossed the street and ate dinner at V & T Pizzeria & Restaurant. The food was good but the waiters were not overly friendly.

“Even though I haven’t seen that much grease on one food item, it was probably the best pizza I have ever had,” sophomore Justin Hampel said. “It’s more authentic than what I am used to in Kansas. It was 20 thousand times better than Pizza Hut.”

Junior Rion Westhoff thought the pizza was good too. Another memorable moment for Westhoff was after the second subway ride downtown.

“I saw a classmate get hustled at Times Square,” Westhoff said.

That was an unforgettable moment for many of the kids, including senior Layton Kenworthy.

“Avery (Jones) got scammed by some guy for a mix tape disk for $45,” Kenworthy said.

Lessoned learned I guess.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting The Apple Store on 5th Avenue and watch some of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. After that, we will spend the afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History and if time allows, we will go to The Empire State Building.

Junior Lucas Cason put together a photo slideshow for the day. Hopefully we will have another post tomorrow with both a video and a slideshow. Good night from New York.

6 thoughts on “NYC DAY 1

  1. Thinking about all of you yesterday. So glad you had a great flight and some new adventures–fun times for the T-Birds!!

  2. From the editor of the Skyline High yearbook of 1975, I wish you the best at the convention, though I must admit I’m a little jealous. We didn’t have awesome field trips like that back in 1975. Have fun in New York!

  3. Great slideshow!! I love seeing what the kids are up to!! Hope you all have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it!! Have fun Justin Holtz, these are memories that you will never forget!!
    Love you!

  4. Lucas you did a great job with the slide show and the pictures! Hop you all have a fun time!

  5. Uncle Tom, Aunt Judy, and Justin, We enjoyed your video
    Have fun! We love you!

  6. Love the article and pictures

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