NYC Coming Home

Senior Alyssa Swonger shares her thoughts on the trip.

The Skyline High School Journalism class experienced many new things last week.

Here are a few things we learned about both life in New York city and journalism.

Don’t swipe your subway card until you know which direction you need to go because you will get reprimanded by the toll worker and Mrs. Hampel. Twice.

Crossing the intersection on a red light was another reason to get in trouble. Sophomore Rance Tucker had the privilege of holding chaperone Troy Swonger’s hand until he learned to wait for the walk signal.

“Troy’s hand was warm and comforting,” Tucker said.

While we did meet some nice New Yorkers, most of them were not overly friendly and tourists appeared to be the only people wearing tennis shoes and jeans.

The students had their conference at Columbia University, a short subway ride away. Everyone was expected to attend four sessions per day. Students had to bring back something they learned from each session they attended.

“My favorite session was Caption One, Two, Three by Mike Simon. He widened my variety on my outlook on caption writing,” Lucas Cason said.

4:15 a.m. came early for everyone Saturday morning to travel back to Kansas. Most people went to sleep early, but some opted to pull an all-nighter.

As we were preparing to leave the hotel, Hampel got an alert that our flight was delayed an hour. That hour ended up being two and after a three and half hour flight to Dallas we were ready for our last leg to take us home. All-in-all it was a great experience for all of us.

Junior Alyssa Allphin shares some photos of our long wait to get home at the airports.

Senior Dustin Weber put together some video footage for the trip.

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