BOE approves early dismissal date

It is the time of year where the end of school is approaching fast and everyone is ready for summer.

Seniors get out May 6 and everyone else May 12. The original day school was supposed to be out was May 14. The decision to get out two days early was decided at the Board of Education meeting last Monday. The board changed the last day of school because the district hadn’t used all of its snow days and to save money.

“I’m glad the board made the decision because I’ll have more time to sleep in and spend more time with my friends,” freshman Sydney Koirth said.

People aren’t just excited for the fun times, sleeping in and staying up late. Some are excited to have another year of school finished.

“I’m excited for the end of the year because then it’s one year closer to graduation and moving on to college,” sophomore McKenzie Cason said.

To everyone but the seniors, the end of the school year means coming back next year.

“I think it will be extremely exciting and at the same time nerve wracking, but there will also be some sadness,” senior Blake Lee said. “It will be sad to see that chapter of my life end.”

To meet the hours required, seniors need 1,086 hours of instruction and everyone else needs 1,116. The state sets the number of hours required for public schools.

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