Forensics kicks off year

The Forensics team began competing in competitions on date or school. Forensics is a competition between students who are judged on their ability to present themselves in front of an audience and how well they speak or debate. The purpose of forensics is to prepare students for the real world and improve their public communication skills. Presenting the speeches teaches students how to overcome the anxieties of speaking in front of a large audience. “I compete in interpretation of poetry,” senior Katherine Ghumm said. “That is when I read poetry in a way that expresses my ideas through the pieces I read.” Regionals are next Saturday at Ellinwood. League was April 7 at Stafford. The last chance meets are at Coldwater and Pretty Prairie. Members have been practicing reading different types of poems, acting and giving speeches for their events during seminar. Events that are in the forensics meet are original oration, informative speech, oral interpretation of poetry, oral interpretation of prose, humorous solo acting, extemporaneous speech, serious solo acting, prose, duet acting, and improvised duet acting. “I like making scenes on the fly and performing them,” sophomore Jared DeWeese said. Most importantly, forensics improves college and career resumes and can help in future jobs.

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