NBA role playing game catches on

NBA 2k15 is the newest version of the popular sports game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2k Sports.

The game has taken off across the country, including here at Skyline. As of February, the game had shipped more than 5.5 million copies. One of those copies was sold to sophomore Andrew Withers who has been playing NBA 2k games for four years.

“The graphics and movements are better and the rosters are updated,” Withers said.

He said the 2015 version is better than past iterations of the game. Other improvements were added to the MyCareer mode including speaking to the team leader before and after the game, and a mentoring system where Clippers head coach Doc Rivers will tell the gamer how his player is performing.

Another addition was the ability to scan the gamer’s face into the game. Using the camera on the PlayStation 4 or Kinect on the Xbox One, player’s can scan their face into the game to put on a player and make the game as realistic as possible.

Students have been enjoying the MyCareer mode because it gives them the chance to better a team and player and get a small experience of what life is like for an NBA player.

“I’m in the finals with the Cavaliers in my second season,” Withers said. “My guy’s nickname is Prime Time.”

Even though many have been enjoying the game, there have been a few complaints. One common complaint from professional game reviewers was the inability of defensive players to keep up with the offense.

“I wish the online servers were better so I could play online with friends easier,” senior Daniel Hacker said.

Even though there have been a few problems, many students felt like Withers, who said it was his favorite sports game.

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