School picnic brings all ages together for activities

For the first time on Tuesday, Skyline held an all-school picnic that was enjoyable for staff and students.
Since the state legislature made budget cuts, Skyline no longer could afford to send elementary classes on field trips. After a few parents realized that their children wouldn’t be attending any more field trips, Anita DeWeese and Diane House got together and came up with the idea of having the picnic.

“My favorite part about the school picnic was spending time with younger kids and eating the ice cream,” junior Lexie Maloney said.

The picnic started at 10:30 a.m and ended for the high school students at 1:30 p.m. Not only were there hamburgers, beans, chips, cookies and ice cream to eat, but there were many exciting things to do.

The entire school was split into 26 groups with varying ages. Throughout the day, the students and staff had a schedule with a list of activities to do, such as inflatables, face painting, kickball, photo booth, blowing bubbles and visiting the petting zoo.

“I enjoyed all the fun I had with my group and also helping the little kids out in the fun activities,” seventh grader Corey Crouch said.

The purpose of the picnic was to take a day to have staff and students come together to have a good time. Even though there were many exciting things to do, there was no cost for the school.

The T-Bird club donated 500 cups of ice cream and popcorn for the elementary and supplies for the photo booth. Everything else donated came from individuals or other businesses. Parents also volunteered time and resources to help with all of the stations to help make the day successful.

“I thought the picnic went really good but we couldn’t have done it without all of the volunteers and the sponsors that donated products, food and money,” event organizer Anita DeWeese said. “I heard lots of giggling and laughing so I hope everyone had fun.”

First grade mother Diane House assisted DeWeese with the planning of the event.
DeWeese said the committee and parents hope to make this an annual event for all the Skyline community.

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