Skyline boys start year two of Legion baseball

Multiple kids at Skyline wanted to have a baseball team. When that fell through, they found an alternative, Legion baseball.
At the beginning of the 2013-14 school year some parents and students went to the board to try and get Skyline a baseball team. They voted five to one to keep Skyline from starting a baseball program, which was against many people’s wishes.
Many students and parents still wanted a way to play baseball so they began getting sponsored by the Pratt Legion team. Legion baseball is an organization with teams in all 50 states played by teenagers. To get to the Legion World Series, a team has to win the State Regional, State and Regional tournaments.
“I was happy we got a team because it gave Skyline kids a chance to play without begging the Pratt team to let us on their team,” junior Kasey Gilpin said.
Mark Etsell and Michael Adams are coaching the boys in their second season. They finished their first year with a record of 2-12 but not very many of the players had played for a long time. They are expecting better results in their second year.
“My expectations for the season are to win half of our games because we have shown major improvement from last year,” sophomore Trent Adams said.
The Post 86 Skyline 86ers started practicing on April 19 and their first game will come in June.

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