Staff deciding on schedule change

After the completion of this school year, high school classes will no longer be run on a block schedule.
The school had to get rid of the original block schedule because of the amount of teachers it takes to operate. The new schedule will either be a trimester schedule or a yearlong schedule.
With the trimester schedule, the school year would be split into three different terms instead of two semesters or four quarters. Students would only get a half credit per trimester, but the benefit of the trimester is students get more opportunities for additional classes.
“I want the trimester schedule because I don’t want be in the same class all year long like we would have to in the other schedule,” sophomore Justin Hampel said.
The yearlong schedule would have classes students would take for the whole year, instead of switching at semester. Students would have seven class periods and wouldn’t have to shove as much information into a short amount of time.
“The way the trimester schedule is, it would give the opportunity to get more classes in a year, which helps us get closer to graduating,” sophomore McKenzie Cason said. “The yearlong schedule will let us have more time for learning material but it will take longer to get through our classes to get the credit.”

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