Black Friday Madness

As Thanksgiving rolls around, many people are excited to get the holiday season started and get a jump on Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Some people like the deals, but others don’t. Between the years 2006 and 2014 there have been seven Black Friday deaths reported. So, this probably makes many wonder if Black Friday is really worth it.

“I’m not dealing with all the crazies,” PBL teacher Darci Poland said. “I like to sleep.”

This year JC Penney has the highest discount rate of 65 percent. Macy’s is the second store offering an average discount rate of 54 percent.

Electronics and jewelry will have an overall discount of 65 percent. Stores like Officemax, Ace Hardware and Rite Aid are also on that list.

The deals make Christmas shopping easier and more convenient.

“I have never been Black Friday shopping,” first grade teacher Judy Koehler said. “I’m considering going this year because my youngest son wants a TV for his bedroom.”

This is a good time for parents to buy electronics at a cheaper price for kids’ Christmas presents.

Some shoppers go to the extreme and wait outside stores hours before doors open, just to get the best deals first. Senior Lucas Cason works at Walmart and has seen some of the crazy shoppers.

“A guy ran over four people with a shopping cart just to get to a display of iPads,” Cason said. “The cops were called, but no one pressed charges,”

Apple products are a very popular item. Two years ago Best Buy discounted the iPhone 5c by $48. The Xbox was one of the most popular items, along with the PlayStation 4 last year.

“I went two years ago and there was a huge pile up for iPads,” senior Avery Jones said. “I plan to go this year.”

Despite the hustle and bustle, Black Friday continues to be a popular day to get shopping done for holidays and everyday uses.

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