Under first year director, Bob Lee, actors performed the musical “Elf JR.” based off the movie “Elf.”

In the story, Buddy the Elf grows up in the North Pole working in Santa’s workshop after he crawls into Santa’s bag as a baby. Buddy learns he’s actually human and then sets off to find his actual father, Walter Hobbs, in New York City. Buddy finds him, but he doesn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas, nor do many other New Yorkers, like Macy’s worker, Jovie. Buddy is determined to win over his family, Jovie, and help New York City remember the true meaning of Christmas.  

“My favorite thing about the play and acting is that you get to become another person and get to act like someone other than yourself,” senior Miranda Ghumm said.carson

Ghumm played the part of Jovie in the musical. Ghumm said it takes a lot of practice to get ready for a show. The students started practice later than previous years, so the actors had less time to make the show perfect.

“We had less time to prepare so it was fast paced and sometimes overwhelming,” senior Briana Niefert said.

Niefert played the part of Walter Hobbs’ wife, Emily.

“I liked being able to bring their Christmas spirit back and get to spread it by singing,” junior Kendall Davidson said.

In the end, he helps New Yorkers find their Christmas spirit and helps Santa fly his sleigh and lives happily ever after.

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