School WiFi better than you think

Recently the video class has been having issues getting a good signal to livestream the high school basketball games.

When the supporters of athletics cannot make it to the game and try to watch it online, their computer sometimes stops playing the game because the school WiFi cannot handle that many devices.

wifi bars

Parents and supporters of Skyline High School athletics like to watch the games at home. They can tune into to watch the athletes compete. The Skyline WiFi is not the best at times, and when they have to upload games it slows it down even more.

To keep the WiFi running fast and reliable, students should not bring their iPads to the games. During school hours, students do not need to be watching Netflix, or watching other videos that are not educational.

“The students can make the WiFi better for themselves if they only use it for school purposes,” technology director Kim Ghumm said.

The students that are trying to get their school work done are also being slowed down by people that are just messing around on the WiFi. Streaming videos and movies is one of the main things that slows it down.

The school’s WiFi is actually a really good setup for the budget that we have. There are normally 400 to 500 devices connected to it at one time during the school day.

The younger students that do actually come to the games bring their iPads and they play non-educational games that just slow down the WiFi even more. They are connected to different access points throughout the school.

“I can reset the access points to knock off extra devices because it can only handle so many at one time,” Ghumm said.

The school now has 17 access points due to the Skyline Schools Foundation for donating the money to purchase three more. Hopefully this helps speed things up at the games, but it still necessary for people in the crowd to be respectful the school WiFi and only use it when needed so that people at home watching the games have a good quality to watch.

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