Latest app has students swinging for fences

For many teens, trends come and go, and there are lots of trends that change including things like what they wear, music and games that they play.

Students spend a lot of their time on their phones and ipads, sometimes even in class. Previous games students have played include games like Hay Day, Clash of Clans, and Madden Mobile. The current trend is a new baseball game called Tap Sports Baseball 2015 that can be played on mobile devices.

This game has been a trend for about a month for some of the first people to play it, while some others are just getting started.

“I have been playing the baseball game for a little over a month and I was one of the first people in the school to start playing it,” senior Kasey Gilpin said.

The baseball game puts people into a third person situation in which they are a batter trying to get on base and score runs. The user’s defense is simulated while they go up against the other team’s batters.

The game uses real players from Major League Baseball. Users can play against the computer or against other users. This feature interests some people since they can play against people they know, and most teenagers tend to be very competitive and like to challenge each other.

“I like the game a lot because you can play with your friends and the people in the game are actual MLB players,” Gilpin said.

When users win a certain amount of games they get put into a playoff series which can increase their skill levels depending on if they win or lose those games. There are twelve skill levels, with Rookie being the beginning level and Greatest of All Time being the top level.

“My record is 372-85 and I am Star level,” senior Colin Kumberg said.

Though teenage trends tend to come and go, students seem to be interested in this game quite a bit.


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