Christmas for all

Christmas is a time of cheer and glorious feelings. By the time December rolls around, many people have dove into the miraculous mood that Christmas brings.

Christmas is about family, and forgetting about the world’s troubles. It’s a time of giving and making other people happy, and looking for nothing in return. It brings with it a feeling of warmth, love and fun.

joy 2

Part of the reason the holiday season is so great is due to ABC Family’s constant running of Christmas movies until the big day. It plays classics varying from Polar Express, to their very own B-rated movies such as Holidaze.

Along with the amazing marathons of old Christmas movies all season long, comes the unending merriment of the music, both old and new. Some teachers listen to Christmas music as much as possible.

Publications teacher Judy Hampel is one of the teachers, having been playing and singing Christmas music the entire week before break.

Christmas music covers all different genres. Examples include music from Snoop Doggy Dog with “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto,” Twisted Sister’s entire “Twisted Christmas” album and George Strait’s “Merry Christmas Wherever You Are.”

The decorations around town bring a whole new light as to look at things. It brightens the streets and brings cheer to the hearts of many. The lights in the park have been a big celebration, especially when they were turned on in November with festivities of Santa Claus riding through the park and music stylings from Skyline, Pratt and even PCC.

Christmas reaches to people all across the globe to make people happy. It makes people join in celebration of a common thing. Whether or not someone practices the same faith as that of the Christian faith, they can still be wished a Happy Holidays or even a Merry Christmas. The whole point of the season is to be kind and care for those around you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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