FCA gets makeover

The new science teacher Diane House has decided to take over the FCA program. Many students are very excited about this opportunity. FCA is a group of students, mainly athletes who meet and fellowship during school hours. They can do activities within the school or outside to help the community.

The group meets every Thursday over lunch to discuss topics and fellowship. This Thursday the group went to several of the nursing homes to deliver Christmas cards kids made at T-Bird Teams on Tuesday. House thinks the group will have two more small activities and another large one, like Winter Jam.

House wants to try new things with the group.

“FCA should be a dynamic group and part of being dynamic is allowing ourselves to change, try new things,” House said.

Summer Younie was the leader for FCA last year. The group didn’t do much besides meet at lunch on Thursdays.

Now, there are more plans to do things at school and in the community. The group has a total of 10 members.

“My favorite part so far has been delivering Christmas cards to the residents in the nursing homes,” freshman Adison Hampton said.

House said that if the group is more student-directed there will be more buy-in from the kids participating.

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