KSHSAA emphasizes rules

The Kansas State High School Athletics Association has added some new guidelines to the basketball rules. Most of the players don’t agree with the new rules, thinking they are unfair.

There are changes to how the players can dress, post play, rebound and shoot free throws.

Most of the new rules are being enforced by the referees while others don’t call them as frequent.

One of the rules that has been enforced and emphasized is a free throw rule. Rule 9-1-3g was revised last year. On the release of the ball by the shooter, the boxing out defender can’t cross the free-throw line until the ball hits the rim.Jess online

The game is just trying to be cleaned up and avoid players getting injured.

“Players should be physical and aggressive because it is a contact sport,” assistant boys’ coach Kenny Eddy said.

This also means that there have been rules added to the post play. Illegal contact on a post player is any tactic using hands or arms or just showing rough physical movements that allow an opponent to control the movement of the opposing player. This is a call the refs have to make based off of judging how rough they think the play is. The amount of things called can differ, based on how good the reffing staff is.

One rule that many players disagree with is a headband rule aimed more for the girls.

“I don’t think they have the right to be choosing what we can or cannot wear,” senior Payje Orler said.

Bobby pins have never been allowed and headband colors also have to match with the other players on the team. This year knots are not permitted in headbands. Knots create a concussion hazard between girls because play can get quite rough.

“The wardrobe rules are just trying to nitpick,” head girls’ coach Morgan Ballard said. “It just makes one more thing to worry about.”

It creates controversy between players on the team when one person wants to wear something different than everyone else.

There will probably be more additions added to the rule book even for next season.

Ballard thinks the rules should stop being emphasized and just be called.

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