Boys take second place in annual 54 Classic

The boys’ team broke tradition of their losing streak at the 54 Classic.

On the first night of the tournament the boys played Cunningham. After a close battle the boys won the game 55-44.

 “The win against Cunningham showed that you can’t take any games off and that every team is hungry’” junior Jared Shriver said. “It really showed us how hard we have to play.” 

After beating the Wildcats the boys moved on to play Kinsley in the semifinals. The Birds had played the Coyotes earlier in the season and looked for another victory. After beating Kinsley, the boys moved on to the championship game against Attica.

The boys had lost to Attica during their first meeting 49-38 and were looking to shut the Bulldogs down in the championship game. 

“We had already played them before so we knew what to expect,” senior Alex Lutz said. “We knew they would be good so we just had to do our best to shut them down.” 

The Birds lost the game 42-33 and placed second in the 54 Classic. Although they came up short of first place and had no one on the All-Tournament team, senior Kasey Gilpin still placed first in the three point shooting contest and Shriver tied for third in the free throw shooting competition. Senior Brady McComb was awarded the hustle award from his work down low in all three games.

“I felt like during the 54 Classic we proved a lot with fighting through the Cunningham game and really competing with Attica down to the end,” Shriver said. “Kasey and Brady also proved a lot with their individual accomplishments.”collage

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