Students join together to bring back spirit at games

Lately, most high school students have participated in a pep section for high school basketball games to show their school spirit.

For the first few games, the students weren’t limited to different cheers or where they stood. As the students kept participating in the pep sections for the games, they started to get yelled at for things that were against KSHSAA rules.

“We were just doing it for fun and to support the boys,” junior Mason Brack said. “We weren’t trying to offend anyone or take anyone’s seats.”

When the pep section started sitting where they thought was the most convenient for everyone,  it caused friction with some faculty. The students were told they were blocking the view of some fans and taking their seats. There were many other seats in the gym for people to sit, so students weren’t sure why it caused such a problem.

“The sudden rule changes made me upset because the pep section liked sitting where we thought was convenient for everyone,” senior Bailey DeClue said. “Also, we were just supporting our team and not out to get other players on the opposing team or trying to take people’s spots.”

For a long time people have encouraged strong school spirit throughout Skyline. Now that students are finally stepping up to show their spirit, it is unfair to them to have a ton of rules restricting what they cannot do.

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