Brothers help promote farming through video

A fifth generation farmer from Assaria, Kans., came to Skyline for an assembly.

The Peterson Farm Brothers make parody videos to promote the impact that farmers have on everyone around the world.

The brothers primarily raise beef cattle and grow corn, alfalfa and forage sorghum to feed to their cows.

They decided they needed to start promoting agriculture and decided to do it on YouTube. Initially, their video was for family and friends, but then it took off on YouTube and many people around the world started watching.

The brothers have traveled all around the world to talk about farming and where food really comes from. They have also been on national television.

For the videos Greg Peterson writes the lyrics, Nathan Peterson and Kendal Peterson help with the filming ideas, and Laura Peterson, their 15-year-old sister films.

Science teacher Diane House was the person who made the initial movement to get Greg here.

“I actually didn’t have any connection to them initially,” House said. “Jereme, my husband, heard them at a conference and shared what a powerful message they have for kids at a rural school such as ours.  I made contact with Greg via his email.”

Getting one brother to present usually costs $1,500, but Greg graciously reduced his price to $500. A private donor, via the foundation, covered the entire cost, so it didn’t cost the school a dime.

One of the main points that Greg covered in his presentation was the accurate way things are ran around their ranch.

“We are a rural district and most of our patrons are connected to agriculture either through the family farm/ranch or with a family member working in ag service,” House said. “It’s imperative that we are telling the story of farming and ranching.  If we don’t, someone else will, and most of the time their version is inaccurate and a negative portrayal of agriculture.”

Hoping to help students sharpen their skills on agriculture, Skyline has decided to convert the current shop program and start a vocational agriculture program,  along with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. To be a member of FFA, you must be taking at least one agriculture class.

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